Senioritis and Other Adolescent Fables

by Pulcher Fight

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4 songs about your/my/everyone's senior year of high school.


released January 15, 2013

Music and recording by Andrew Seymour
Mixed by Nathan Granofsky
Album Art by Evan Watcher



all rights reserved


Pulcher Fight Richmond, Virginia

Pulcher Fight is the moniker of Andrew Seymour. He writes songs that deal with the ups and downs of post-adolescent life.

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Track Name: Bring Forth Tomorrow
In September we would wander
Down the back roads as we pondered
All four gospels word-for-word
Satellites swung from the ceiling, senioritis lost all meaning
When we found out the date had been postponed
You've got a royal head, but brother where is your throne?
Your hate's filled with lead, it crushes the bone

So clap clap your hands and bring forth tomorrow
I'll share self-pity if you take home sorrow
I've been here before, and I'm busting down your door

It's December, snow is falling
I can hear your mother calling
Speaking in tongues and piercing lungs through the night
While on business I met Jesus, reminiscing daytime thesis
Laughing to His heart's content, Mary forgot the rent
Don't Forget the train departs at nine o' clock on-the-dot EST
Please proceed to wipe your sleeve across this town
Remember when it brought us down?
Track Name: The Weary Ballad of Lonely Martha
Martha dwelled in her plastic house, sleeping with sirens, wasting away
For a moment the cancer was pouring out
Dear old Solomon led her astray
In the summer Martha would read the proverbs
While Mr. Brother died in solitude
Bother me not for chorus nor verse, cause my attic yearns for you
Awake, oh stagnant one, this airport never rests
Please go grab my gun, and disregard my text
Memories haunted Martha's plastic soul
I did my best to love her
She never bothered with rock-n-roll; she only wanted to be his girl
And the lights stream from the city, shimmering right on through the town
And if you sit up close and listen, you may hear this sound

Come down now Martha, step on outside
Come down now Martha, there's nothing to hide
Come down now Martha, I sense the trust in your eyes
Come down now Martha, don't be afraid
Come down now Martha, see what we've made
Sing with the children, dance along with their games
Why must you hide away, dwelling inside your cage
God's sake, please act your age Martha
If you would listen and learn fact from fiction, you might just know what you've been missing
Please text me back so I know you're intact and still breathing
Send me anything baby

Let it be known that on this day Martha left
She gave us twenty years to her name, this is how it went
It was raining late at night when her body did take flight under the tracks
And as her body began to sway in midair, she gave out one last prayer
"Awake, oh stagnant one, Lord knows I've done my best
Now chase those girls that love to be impressed
Cause my life was doing fine, and then you stopped it on a dime."
But Martha, all I wanted to say was Hi.
Track Name: Love is But a Song (3 Minutes)
You were swimming in Seattle, I was painting portraits of a weary artist
Summertime head-longed into scandal, wondered which lie could carry us the farthest.
Your shadow was a sample of perfection
Blistering as the sun, a complex concoction of mystery and devotion
To your one-and-only son

Love is but a song, three minutes in and I was gone

The pipeline sprung a leak while we were dreaming
Water stole the mountains from the sky
Down in ER I heard you screaming
Then you whispered, "Teach me how to fly."
We traveled on to Oklahoma, little did we know it'd bust our scene
Early morning hours brought pneumonia
You drove while I slept in the passenger seat
Heard you got a job over in Europe, up somewhere near Portugal or Spain
Baby, it don't matter your location
The economy's in shambles, battered and chained
Track Name: Oh, Virginia
Out here tonight I watch this southern sky, and I begin to question whether I will survive
My heart is growing cold and my face is getting pale
Every turn's a dead end, but someday I'll prevail

Oh, Virginia, please let me be
You've had your way with many men, but you won't have your way with me

Deep in the heart of every living man there's a soul that's searching for the master plan
They try and they try yet they find no success
So in their lonely thoughts they will have to rest

Down by the tracks the train whistle roars, one day it'll lead me to heaven's golden shore
But until that I'll just sit right here, and watch the cars on main street shift to second gear.