by Pulcher Fight

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released June 28, 2015

All songs written/recorded by Andrew Seymour

Album art by Benjamin Spitzer



all rights reserved


Pulcher Fight Richmond, Virginia

Pulcher Fight is the moniker of Andrew Seymour. He writes songs that deal with the ups and downs of post-adolescent life.

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Track Name: Away
I met your sister she looks like a blister inside an eggplant
But what do I know I'm just your boyfriend and you're just
My girlfriend we're living together we're living alone
Sometimes at night when the radio's howling I try to
Turn down all of the noise you start to screaming, baby
You're bleeding something's not right here
I gotta get away from you

Talked to the pastor he acts like a bastard and doesn't listen
To anything he talks of redemption and all this contention
Around our romance a wedding ring he's says you're
My bride and I am your church but I ain't prepared
For no judgement day you keep your pink hair,
I'll sing my despair just to keep running away from you

I met your sister she looks like a blister I think
We're in love now but what do I know
I'm not your boyfriend and you're not my girlfriend
We still live together but we live alone in our heads
Track Name: Weed Ice
Ice was on the road we stayed inside the marijuana smoked
Filled up the room hot-boxed every corner til we fell asleep
Ice was on the road you said "Let's drive to somewhere
Exotic and free" but there are no places to hide
Among the Pennsylvania trees ice was on the road we took
A right outside of the university my girlfriend said
We'd never make it back alive but she was getting
High for the first she didn't know what she was saying
She never knows what she's talking about

Ice was on the road I lost my grip the steering wheel
Just wouldn't turn there's a guard rail in my eye

Ice was on the road we're upside down the ambulance has
Yet to come and we will probably die out here greeting
Pennsylvania sun people claim that Christ is on the
Dashboard but He's not cause if He was He'd have a
Guilty conscience for laying all that fucking ice on the road
Track Name: Forever and a Day
I'll wait for you forever and a day if you should want to walk
My way and when the lights of heaven fade we'll welcome
Hell into our state of detrimental sin laughing at the
Shape we're in

Don't hold your breath go back your things and shout the song you
Wish to sing the four chord lust of melody entrapped inside
A memory that never fades away in the light of dark decay

I'll wait for you forever and a day if you should want to walk
My way This love is flawed but anyway let's travel far
With our mistakes
Track Name: Deranged Basement Gospel
My mother says that I am special 'cause I interpret the
Word of God I run up to the family room and speak of the
Good things He has done my mother says that I am
Special 'cause I interpret the word of God I run up to
The family room and wash them away with
His precious blood

And I don't mind living in the dark, old basement it
Keeps me warm You say His kingdom's coming
But it's your kingdom and no one's stopping you

My mother says that I am special cause I can't think for myself
I return to the basement while the neighbors sprint home to
Touch themselves my mother says that I am special
Cause she's God and I am man sometimes I think
I should kill her but then what would I tell my dad
Track Name: Game
Yesterday I was your boy but now I'm just another boy
On the road singing songs from my head from my heart
About a girl I used to know and all the things that would unfold
One summer night in mid-July when all was calm until the light
Fell to the floor and broke your back the cops were called and
That was that it's not our fault that we're just kids or maybe we're
Arrested development afraid to hurt afraid to fall afraid to learn

That life's a game you gotta play and if you don't you just remain
A stupid boy who loves a girl and not a man who hates the world
For what it's made him out to be
Track Name: Want
Come and get it baby touch your skin and I'll go crazy
I don't mind the summer hazing as long as I get what I want
Go ahead and fight me baby hit my skull til it starts bleeding
I don't mind the senseless pain so long as I get what I want

And your daddy don't like my theology that heaven is for everybody
But he sure will soon find out when the afterlife opens his heart
And God spews him out of His lungs because the Lord always
Gets what He wants

Call me up tomorrow maybe if you don't I might get lazy
I don't care if you're out cheating as long as you get
What you want I hope this song makes you hate me
Makes you wish you never loved me romance is
A fickle thing because you never really get what
You want and it always goes falling apart because
You never really get what you want