A Place to Die Face to Face

by Pulcher Fight

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"The songs are catchy, like, really catchy, eschewing the doleful trappings of singer/songwriter folk expectations."- Worst Week Ever

"[Pulcher Fight's] album 'A Place to Die Face to Face' is some pretty infectious medium-fi indie pop/rock/folk."- www.themodernfolk.net


released August 12, 2014

Andrew Seymour- Vocals, Guitar, Tambourine, Hand claps
Hannah McDorman and Patrick Trelawny- Hand claps and laughs on Fun
Nathan Granofsky- Additional instrumentation
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Nathan Granofksy



all rights reserved


Pulcher Fight Richmond, Virginia

Pulcher Fight is the moniker of Andrew Seymour. He writes songs that deal with the ups and downs of post-adolescent life.

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Track Name: Fun
Would you like visit our local county fair
I'll pick you up round 7:30 at your house on Market Square
And we can ride the ferris wheel, refuse to wear those dumb seatbelts
Fly off into a large ravine, wake up in the ER

It'll be fun

Come late August we will head out of state and back to school
We'll drink and smoke a lot, throw up in the bathroom
I don't go to church, but I know Jesus lives inside of us
Or maybe He just lives inside a sea anemone

That would be funny

Would you like to visit my house later tonight
We could make out we could hang, do whatever we do want
I know your parents dislike me cause English majors don't make much
But one day I'll be famous, writing books for their grandkids
Which they'll cherish on forever, forever amen
Track Name: A Place to Die Face to Face
People don't talk face to face anymore
Why don't we say "Hey, I ain't got time to play."
Gotta head to my work, gotta work at my job
Gotta wife and kid, and I have a dog
Staring at the screen, if you know what I mean
Saying, "Oh, her body looks so pristine."
Sleeping in late, rushing off to work
At a part-time job as a full-time jerk

And everyone loves me

I'm a modern child in a modern life
Just need a place to live and a place to die
Track Name: Down the Road
Clean up your vomit before you leave, no one else is gonna do it for ya
24 and we still drink hard, our friends say we're atrocious
She showed up to the party naked; she was drunk but she probably faked it
She was making love to some man she met down the road

Down the road I'm gonna kick his ass
Down the road I'll take a different path
Down the road I'll be the same, same man

We got married just last week and moved into our new house
Caught her cheating with the man down the road I tried to shoot her up
But the cops tore me down

Down the road I'm gonna kick her ass
Down the road I'll take a different path
Down the road I'll be the same, same man

I don't bow to God or man Lord knows they're both crazy
I'm doing good, got myself a job, least that's what my parents tell me
Down the road I'll drink all day
Down the road I won't change my ways
Down the road I'll forget her name
Down the road I'll be the same, same man
Track Name: Carolina's for Weirdos
She's alright when she's drinking I'm the same way except less boring
Late at night I still call her "Wanna drive to the drugstore?"
Sit and talk about false nostalgia with senior year and how much it sucked

I don't want her to change: Carolina's gonna make weird
I don't want her to leave, so stay right here

She's in love with a boy from the Navy who she met in a friend's dorm of a lesbian

Late a night I still call her she won't pick up she's grown awkward
I'm the same way when I'm drinking I'll go to sleep and pray for morning
Track Name: Strange One
My brother is a truck driver, running round the east coast six days out the week
My father is an architect; he writes up blueprints for low-income people
It doesn't pay much, but it makes him feel good inside
My mother is a southern saint works down at the courthouse, gets up early just to make us breakfast and comes home late
And I am an English major; I'll never see a pay raise; I don't have much potential, but maybe I can teach kids a thing or two about Bukowski and Updike

I always was the strange one my daddy told me so
I always was the strange one, and everyone acts like they're alright with it